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The Best Organic Kosher Meats From Eretz Yisrael Since 5760



Rav Jonathan Gabbai grew up in Texas where the Jewish community always had a supply of good quality meats. When he moved to Israel in 2001, he didn't necessarily intend to stay. His goal was to study Torah, working towards obtaining semicha. He was focusing on everything a community rabbi should know such as shechita and brit milah, thinking he would return to the diaspora and become a self sufficient Jewish community leader.

As often happens, one thing led to another, and B"H for us all he ended up staying in Israel.

Having already learned shechita, there were two things that led him to start buying animals from local farmers. One was to practice his newly acquired skill. The second, was his view on the generally low quality of meat offered in Israel. After all, he wanted a great product to feed his own family, not to mention his own Texan palate.

As time went on, his friends began tasting his handiwork and pushed him to fulfill their meat needs. This gave birth to a small business for a handful of devoted meat enthusiasts who understood the difference between mass produced meat and the boutique butchered product he was offering.

With demand rising, and his love for the craft growing, he launched Order Kosher Meat in 2013. At first he traveled the country in search of quality animals and handpicked those raised under good conditions. In 2016, with the business growing, he launched a major undertaking to build his own facilities. The vision was to raise animals organically, being able to serve his clients only the best meat Eretz Yisrael could produce.

Today the Maon Farm & Ranch houses cows, chickens, lambs, goats and a stray peacock or two. Rav Jonathan lives on the farm with his wife and five children, all helping tend to the needs of the homestead as a family. Come on down to the farm to visit them with your family!

Aside from his work, if you ask Rav Jonathan what he enjoys most, it's being with his family and teaching groups from all backgrounds/ages about shechita, with a special focus on the proper treatment of animals.

We know that our clients will appreciate getting to connect to their friendly neighborhood butcher, Rav Jonathan. Please reach out and let us know how we can better serve you, so you can better serve meat to the ones you love.

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