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We are proud to offer the full suite of organic lean buffalo raised in Eretz Yisrael. Our tasty buffalo cuts are endless, including aged steaks, ground burgers, and whole animal butchery. You can find our kosher buffalo options under every beefy product offering (click here). Just preference when ordering which bovine you (and your doctor) are looking for!


Benefits of Buffalo Butchery


1) Buffalo has a great fat to protein ratio, with a higher protein and lower fat content than beef. Although similar to grass-fed beef, buffalo is a great option for those looking to increase their protein intake while minimizing their overall fat intake.


2) All red meat contains omega-3 fatty acids, however, buffalo that are wild and raised outdoors have a better total fatty acid concentration, with less omega-6s and more omega-3.


3) Like all red meat, buffalo is a rich source of iron, which is what gives it its bright red color. In addition to iron, buffalo is also a rich source of essential B vitamins, which are critical for boosting energy levels, memory, and mood.


4) Chefs suggest that buffalo has a slightly sweeter and more tender taste than conventional beef. Although buffalo is a lean cut of meat, its richness provides a depth of flavor that conventional beef does not.


5) Buffalo meat is available in many formats making it a very versatile ingredient to cook with. Whether it’s ground meat, stewing meat, ribeye, bones or burgers, the recipe options are endless when it comes to this lean cut of goodness from the Land of Israel.


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