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Freedom Turkeys

Last year I was finally able to have in stock a particular product which is very hard to find here in Israel: free range turkeys.

While there are a lot of turkey farms in Israel, free range turkeys are not a priority for most and the birds are not usually grown in comfortable conditions.

My turkeys, however, are born and raised free range and often hang out with geese, goats, and lambs. They are never cooped up with other birds and can breathe easily.

As a result, I’ve found that my turkeys have meat that’s really rich and filling.

Turkey Prep

When I prepare one of my turkeys for my family, sometimes I make the entire bird whole.

Other times, however, I often cook the legs and thighs like lamb in the oven and the breast I usually stir fry with some soy sauce, bell peppers, and other vegetables.

Everyone has their own favorite recipes for turkey so there’s a lot you can do with these wonderful birds.

Best of all, now you can get them free range from Order Kosher Meat.

*Please note: this product was only available for a limited time -but it was awesome while it lasted!

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