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Homemade Pastrami

It's Not Easy To Find

Finding good pastrami is hard in Israel, which is why I make my own.

I take a nice cut of beef and smoke it on the grill for about three hours without adding much.

Sometimes I do some prep work and baste it in olive oil before adding a dash of salt and pepper. The olive oil helps the salt and pepper (or other spices if you use them) stick. I always say you don’t need much to make good meat tasty because the best flavors are in the meat itself.

In this picture at the farm we were making a nice slab of pastrami and couldn’t help taste testing it along the way. Whatever we didn’t eat (I think we ate almost half of this one) I put in the fridge.

Slicing When Cool

If you recall your local kosher deli in the U.S. or elsewhere for that matter, they always cut the deli slices when the meat was cool. Same here which is why whenever I make homemade pastrami, when it finishes on the grill it goes right in the fridge (unless we eat it all). Getting it cold will make it the best for cutting up and serving to guests.

If you’re interested we occasionally make pastrami and sell it in 25 shekel packs (120- 150 grams a pack). And when your heart just can’t resist, we are happy to do a special order just for you.

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