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Smoking Short Ribs

I grew up smoking meat and learned from my parents when I was a kid.

Smoking meat is a delicate process that once mastered leaves you always coming back to do more.

Smoking meat takes time as the meat must absorb the fumes from the steam of the fire.

One of the things I like to smoke in particular are short ribs. In fact, here’s a picture of me smoking a huge rack of beef short ribs, even though it looks like I have a turkey on the grill!

In truth, I usually don’t smoke this much at one time but I was having fun experimenting.

You can see these short ribs have bone cartilage and some fat attached. That means that when you smoke it, the ribs will become very soft and flavorful.

As I’ve said many times before, good meat doesn’t need all kinds of spices because it’s supposed to be full of flavors by itself. Smoking meat is another level of reaching in and pulling out those flavors which I love to do.

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