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Washing Your Meat

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

To wash or not to wash

There are different schools of thought on washing meat. Some are for, and some are against

I personally like to rinse off meat before cooking.

If you wash your meat before prepping, remember that most homes don't have large industrial sinks so it's important to be careful when turning the water on so it doesn't hit the meat forcefully and splatter all around. Splatter from raw meat and poultry can be unhealthy if exposed to other foods.

And keep in mind washing doesn't mean bathing. A gentle stream from the facet works best.

Why do I wash meat?

My reason for washing meat is simple. It's not because it’s dirty but I find the few spices I use on meat (salt, pepper, garlic, or onion) stick better when the meat is wet and not dry.

Large-scale processing:

If you purchase meat from supermarkets, realize that meat department counters in stores are usually clean but sometimes retain small particles of bone or other residue from all the processing. In such cases, washing may be a good thing for the sake of cleaning anything unwanted.

As noted, a quick rinse when prepping will solve the issue.

Just remember, make sure to clean up any splatter around the sink so it does not contaminate other food.

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