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Bat Mitzvah ‘Sheepood’

Those of you who know me understand that I love what I do and especially when the shechitah, the ritual slaughtering, is for a simchah.

Thankfully, I’ve been asked to provide different types of meats for all kinds of happy occasions.

In this case, I was asked to prepare a sheep for roasting on a spit, or as we at Order Kosher Meat like to say, ‘sheepood.’ (‘shee-pood‘ שפוד in Hebrew is skewer).

It was in honor of a very special bat mitzvah girl. (We also do Bar Mitzvah sheepoods…)

You should know, we do sheepoods for all occasions!

Mazel tov to her and mazal tov to you on any wonderful occasions going on in your lives.

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