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Big News: OKM Now Has Its Own Cows

Because the resources and infrastructure such as lush green land to raise free range cows and sheep in Israel is so small

we decided to go all out and raise our own.

We spent the summer months preparing our farm to house a number of animals and built a spacious area for our cows and sheep to roam. It is the closest thing possible to true free range, if it were available here in Israel in large quantities.

Since’s inception we have always selected from the best animals around and that includes the conditions in which they were raised.

Based on our experience, we know how to do it right and you can rest assured the quality of the animal’s life is reflected in the meat you will find on your table.

If you have any questions feel free to give me a call or send a message.

Furthermore, you are free to set up a time and visit the site to see for yourself.

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