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Good meat requires little seasoning

Natural flavor

A good piece of meat has its own great flavor and requires very little else in terms of seasoning.

It’s true!

There shouldn’t be a need to douse a cut in sauce or hover around the spice rack sprinkling on herb after herb like there’s no tomorrow.

Quality meat already has natural flavors and extra sauces or spices diminish the returns by the time it reaches your tongue.

Tips for bringing out the flavor

With beef a little salt, pepper, and some garlic or onion will do the trick. You can still pack vegetables around it, as they won’t detract from the goal. Most likely, the veggies will absorb flavors released by the meat.

Watch out for dryness

Regarding flavor, it’s important not to let meat dry out when cooking. When it comes to bringing out the flavor, dryness can be a hindrance to success.

Incidentally, hormone-free meat in general is naturally a bit drier. That’s because the animals aren’t receiving growth hormones which produce more fat and fat makes meat ‘juicier.’

Hormone-free meat isn’t any less satisfying.

Simply keep in mind that the less fat, the drier the meat may become if it’s not looked after well.

Keep an eye on how long it’s cooking for and it will come out fantastic.


When it comes to flavors there are exceptions such as the gaminess of lamb.

Some people don’t like the gamy flavor and I explain in my post ‘Dealing with gaminess‘ how to tone it down.

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