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The Buffalo Have Arrived

The Inside Story

The truth is, I had been wanting to learn about water buffalo for some time.

This was partly because the Biblical Museum of Natural History asked me to look into it for their annual Feast of Exotic Curiosities but also because buffalo is a great option for those looking to increase their protein intake while minimizing their overall fat intake.

The first buffalo came to Israel from Italy in the 1990s to Moshav Bitzaron, which today is notable for its buffalo farm and dairy products.

I went to visit Bitzaron and was sold on the idea of providing my customers with this amazing alternative to beef.

Buffalo meat has a gentle beef flair and is very soft. Is it gamey?

If you have been eating regular store bought meats you may notice a slight difference in taste but if you have been an OKM customer and used to the tender products I try to provide, there's very little difference in taste.

Our buffalo products have the same kashrut as everything else.

For more info about our buffalo products and health benefits CLICK HERE


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