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The Rump Cut

When meat eaters around the world talk about the rump cut, it could mean several different things.

That’s because there’s a variety of cuts that can be labeled ‘rump’ and they each have different ways of preparation.

Some cuts of rump are better for roasting. Others can be used for a quick pan fry or grill. Some are good for the oven and others for stews.

The beauty about the rump and its various cuts is the range of possibilities:

  • Eye of the round: This can be cut up for minute steaks which are quick and easy to make on a frying pan or grill.

  • Bottom round: In general this is a drier cut so it’s best used for slow, moist roasts in the oven. The tip of the bottom round, however, is a bit moist and is particularly great for steaks or a nice regular roast. The tip has several names such as sirloin cap or it’s French tag, culotte.

  • Top round: This is a multi purpose cut but also low on fat so even though you can make it any way you want, just be careful not to dry out.

  • Tri-tip: This is a beautiful and moist but small cut that you can prepare in many different ways. Roast it, steak it, go wild.

  • Rump steak: This is another multi purpose cut which is very soft. It’s good for chulents, on the grill, and if you’re from the U.S. it’s used when making what’s called ‘chicken fried steak,’ a yummy meal that is kind of like fried chicken but instead of using the bird it’s made with this cut of beef. In Israel chicken fried steak is known as beef schnitzel.

So try out our rump cuts. As you can see there are several to choose from and I’m happy to discuss them further if you have any questions.

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